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Current Promo Offers - September 2021

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10% off everything at storewide GlamCorner Coupon (to 30th Aug)
EOFY SALE - 20% OFF STOREWIDE (to 18th Aug)
20% off storewide at GlamCorner Coupon (to 17th Aug)
Click Frenzy - 15% OFF One Time Rental Collection (to 2nd Aug)
Black Friday Sale - 30% OFF One Time Rental (to 2nd Aug)
Black Friday - Save 40% OFF Pre-Loved Collection (to 2nd Aug)
Boxing Day 24 Hour Sale - 50% off one time rental and 50% off pre-l.. (to 26th Jul)
VOSN - Save 20% OFF site wide! Coupon (to 13th Jul)
10% OFF storewide at GlamCorner Coupon (to 6th Jul)
EOFY sale! 30% off storewide and 50% OFF for pre-loved items (to 30th Jun)
EOFY sale! 30% off storewide (to 30th Jun)
Clearance Sale - 20% OFF Discount Code Coupon (to 20th Jun)
GC Membership - An unlimited wardrobe, all year round from $69 per .. (to 8th Jun)
Click Frenzy - 50% off pre-loved designer sale (to 20th May)
Refer A Friend & Receive $40 Voucher! (used to be $20!) (to 12th May)
10% off Alex Perry at GlamCorner Coupon (to 20th Apr)
40% off preloved designer clothing (to 7th Apr)
Shop our Easter sale - 15% off all rental items and 40% off all pre.. (to 5th Apr)
Extra 10% OFF at GlamCorner- For Sale section ONLY Coupon (to 1st Apr)
- Save 10% OFF Coupon (to 1st Apr)
Cyber Monday - Save 50% OFF One Time Rental & Pre-Loved Collection (to 30th Mar)
Save $90 over your first 3 months of GlamCorner Membership. Use cod.. (to 22nd Mar)
Premium intro discount - $50 off your first 2 months (to 22nd Mar)
GC Premium - An unlimited wardrobe, all year round from $49 per month (to 22nd Mar)
Save $90 on your first Membership Box! (to 22nd Mar)
AfterPay Day - Save 30% OFF Sitewide! (to 22nd Mar)
Endless Collection - Great Prices! (to 22nd Mar)
GlamCorner Clearance: Save Extra (to 22nd Mar)
10% off One Time Rental products! Coupon (to 22nd Mar)
$50 OFF your first 2 months of GlamCorner Premium Membership Coupon (to 22nd Mar)
Additional 15% off all sale dresses at GlamCorner Coupon (to 22nd Mar)
15% off cocktail dress rentals at GlamCorner Coupon (to 22nd Mar)
15% OFF for Rentals over $100 Coupon (to 22nd Mar)
40% Pre-Loved Designer Sale (to 21st Mar)
20% off sitewide (to 21st Mar)
Save $90 Over Your First 3 Months of GlamCorner Membership Coupon (to 14th Feb)
20% OFF Storewide + 40% OFF Pre-Loved Sale (to 26th Jan)
50% off pre-loved clothing (to 31st Dec)
20% off sitewide for one time rental! (to 25th Dec)
Melbourne Cup - Find the perfect race day outfit from GlamCorner (to 4th Nov)
50% OFF Discounted Pre-Loved Clearance Items! (to 11th Oct)
AfterPay Day - Save 20% OFF Sitewide! (to 8th Oct)
- Save 10% OFF Coupon (to 8th Oct)
Get an extra 20% Off Pre-Loved products. Use code EXTRA20 (to 30th Sep)
AfterPay - 30% OFF On Demand Rental (to 23rd Aug)
CLEARANCE SALE 20% OFF Coupon (to 23rd Aug)
10% off dress rentals at GlamCorner Coupon (to 4th Aug)
$30 OFF First 3 Months of Membership Coupon (to 31st Jul)
Birthday Sale - 30% off on clearance and for our one-time rental co.. (to 19th Jul)
New Arrivals Rentals from $39 (to 19th Jul)
FRENZY - EXTENDED Save 15% OFF Sitewide! (to 7th Jul)
15% off Sitewide for Valentines Day Coupon (to 6th Jul)
EASTER FLASH SALE - 20% OFF Sitewide Coupon (to 6th Jul)
Refer A Friend & Receive $40 for a limited time! (Used to be $20!) (to 6th Jul)
15% OFF Storewide Click Frenzy (to 6th Jul)
Save 30% OFF Clearance Products! (to 6th Jul)
15% OFF Long Weekend Sale (to 6th Jul)
Save 20% OFF sitewide! (to 6th Jul)
EOFY Sale - Save 30% OFF sitewide! (to 6th Jul)
EOFY SALE - Save 40% OFF Clearance Products! (to 6th Jul)
$10 off all Nicola Finetti dress rentals Coupon (to 6th Jul)
20% off all dress rentals - $100+ Coupon (to 6th Jul)
EXCLUSIVE - Save $50 Off your first GC Premium Box For a Limited Time! Coupon (to 6th Jul)
Extra 15% OFF All Clearance Items Coupon (to 30th Jun)
AfterPay Day - 50% OFF pre-loved designer clearance (to 22nd Mar)
Gift your Partner this Valentines Day with an Unlimited Wardrobe... Coupon (to 29th Feb)
20% sitewide | On Demand collection Coupon (to 31st Jan)
Save On All Designer Clothing Rentals (to 31st Dec)
Boxing Day - 30% off sitewide for OD rental collection (to 28th Dec)
Boxing Day - 50% off pre-loved items (to 28th Dec)
Black Friday - Sales Extended until Sunday - 20% off sitewide for O.. (to 2nd Dec)
Black Friday - 30% off pre-loved items (to 2nd Dec)
Cyber Monday - 30% off sitewide for OD rental collection (to 2nd Dec)
Cyber Monday - 30% off pre-loved items (to 2nd Dec)
Click Frenzy - 15% off sitewide for OD rental collection (to 13th Nov)
Click Frenzy - 20% off pre-loved items (to 13th Nov)
VOSN - Save 15% OFF Sitewide Coupon (to 31st Oct)
VOSN - Save 15% OFF Sitewide! Coupon (to 25th Oct)
EOFY - Receive $50 OFF First TWO Months GC Premium For A Limited Ti.. Coupon (to 30th Jun)
Save 15% OFF Sitewide! (to 10th Jun)
FRENZY - Save 15% OFF Sitewide! (to 22nd May)
EOFY SALE // 20% OFF STOREWIDE (to 4th Apr)
Up to 78% off Cocktail Designer Dresses Rentals Coupon (to 19th Mar)
50% off Orders Coupon (to 19th Mar)
30% off dress rentals at GlamCorner Coupon (to 19th Mar)
Up to 80% off Bump Friendly Dresses Coupon (to 19th Mar)
20% OFF Sitewide AfterYay Day (to 14th Mar)
50% OFF Clearance Coupon (to 27th Dec)
40% OFF Clearance Cont Coupon (to 25th Dec)
40% OFF Clearance Coupon (to 11th Dec)
30% OFF Clearance Cont Coupon (to 9th Dec)
30% OFF Clearance Coupon (to 27th Nov)
25% OFF Clearance Coupon (to 25th Nov)
20% OFF Clearance Coupon (to 14th Nov)
15% OFF Storewide Race Day Sale Coupon (to 31st Oct)
Promo Code - 20% OFF Our Buyer's Picks Coupon (to 30th Sep)
Clearance Dresses From $69 (to 30th Sep)
GlamCorner Discount Code - 30% Off Clearance Sale Coupon (to 9th Sep)
Save at Clearance Section! (to 26th Aug)
GlamCorner Discount Code - 20% OFF Storewide (AfterPay) Coupon (to 16th Aug)
AfterYAY Day 20% OFF Storewide // 24H ONLY! Coupon (to 16th Aug)
15% OFF Racewear GlamCorner Promo Code Coupon (to 31st Jul)
Further 20% OFF Clearance Sale Coupon (to 31st Jul)
Hire Floor Length Dresses from $49 Coupon (to 31st Jul)
Hire Cocktail Designer Dresses from $29 Coupon (to 31st Jul)
Hire Jewellery from $29 Coupon (to 31st Jul)
Jewellery From $19 Coupon (to 31st Jul)
Hire Knee Length Dresses from $39 Coupon (to 31st Jul)
Extra 15% Off School Formal Coupon (to 31st Jul)
Hire Bump Friendly Dresses from $49 Coupon (to 31st Jul)
20% off Yeojin Bae Dress Rentals at GlamCorner Coupon (to 31st Jul)
20% off sitewide at Glamcorner Coupon (to 31st Jul)
Jackets From $39 Coupon (to 31st Jul)
Shapewear From $49 Coupon (to 31st Jul)
Bump Friendly Dresses From $49 Coupon (to 31st Jul)
Jewellery From $15 Coupon (to 31st Jul)
25% off at GlamCorner Coupon (to 31st Jul)
Zimmerman Items From $79 Coupon (to 31st Jul)
20% Off Race Day Dresses Coupon (to 31st Jul)
Even 80% Off at Clearance! (to 31st Jul)
Endless Collection - Extra Prices! (to 31st Jul)
Bakcup DRESS For $15! (to 31st Jul)
Up to 50% Off at Clearance! (to 15th Jul)
Discount Code - 20% OFF Sale Items Coupon (to 30th Jun)
EOFY SALE // 30% OFF STOREWIDE (to 30th Jun)
Promo Code - 15% Off Race Day Category Coupon (to 31st May)
GlamCorner Discount Code - 50% OFF Clearance Items Coupon (to 15th Apr)
HUMP DAY SALE SITEWIDE Coupon (to 4th Apr)
40% off Sale Items Coupon (to 23rd Mar)
10% off Racewear products (to 22nd Mar)
Early Bird Special - 10% off Racewear including fascinators Coupon (to 28th Feb)
Discount Code - 50% OFF All Clearance Items Coupon (to 7th Feb)
Clearance Sale - 40% OFF Promo Code Coupon (to 21st Jan)
Clearance Sale - Up to 80% OFF (to 24th Dec)
Cyber Monday 24h Flash Sale (to 27th Nov)
Black Friday 24h Flash Sale (to 24th Nov)
10% off Sitewide at GlamCorner Coupon (to 6th Sep)
15% off Race Day category at GlamCorner Coupon (to 31st Jul)
10% off clearance at GlamCorner Coupon (to 30th Jun)
20% Off Sitewide GlamCorner Promo Code Coupon (to 15th Apr)
20% off The Races category at GlamCorner Coupon (to 31st Mar)
10% off at GlamCorner Coupon (to 31st Mar)
30% off The Races category at Glamcorner Coupon (to 28th Feb)
Free Shipping on clearance stock at GlamCorner Coupon (to 28th Feb)
20% dress rentals off at GlamCorner Coupon (to 24th Dec)
20% off at GlamCorner Coupon (to 4th Dec)
20% off store wide at GlamCorner Coupon (to 29th Nov)
15% off dress rentals at Glam Corner Coupon (to 31st Oct)
10% off storewide at GlamCorner Coupon (to 15th Oct)
20% off Race Day Dresses and Accessories at GlamCorner Coupon (to 31st Aug)
20% off Lover The Label Dress Rentals at GlamCorner Coupon (to 31st Jul)
20% off Alex Perry Dress Rentals at GlamCorner Coupon (to 31st Jul)
$20 off dress rental at GlamCorner Coupon (to 8th May)
20% off Fascinators at GlamCorner Coupon (to 30th Apr)
10% off at GlamCorner Coupon (to 15th Feb)
$20 off next rental at GlamCorner Coupon (to 31st Dec)
20% off at GlamCorner Coupon (to 11th Dec)
10% off storewide at GlamCorner Coupon (to 31st Jul)
10% OFF storewide at GlamCorner Coupon (to 31st May)
20% off at GlamCorner - 48 Hours Only! Coupon (to 30th May)
10% OFF storewide at GlamCorner Coupon (to 30th Apr)
15% off rentals over $150 at GlamCorner Coupon (to 30th Apr)
20% OFF all rentals at GlamCorner Coupon (to 6th Apr)
10% off storewide at Coupon (to 31st Mar)
10% off storewide Coupon (to 28th Feb)
Valentines Day Offer - 25% OFF all rent... Coupon (to 14th Feb)
15% OFF for Rentals over $100 Coupon (to 31st Jan)
Further 10% OFF - End of Year Clearance ... Coupon (to 31st Jan)
$10 Off All Long Dresses at GlamCorner Coupon (to 30th Nov)
15% Off All Items Over $200 at GlamCorner Coupon (to 30th Nov)
10% Off All Items Over $100 at GlamCorner Coupon (to 30th Nov)
10% Discount On All Short Dresses at GlamCorner Coupon (to 31st Oct)
15% off all formal gowns at GlamCorner Coupon (to 30th Jun)
$15 off at GlamCorner - $150 min spend Coupon (to 30th Jun)
30% Off Storewide at GlamCorner Coupon (to 30th Jun)
20% off all Little Black Dresses at GlamCorner Coupon (to 16th Jun)
10% off storewide at Coupon (to 30th Apr)
20% off The Races” dresses at GlamCorner Coupon (to 17th Apr)
25% off all Camilla at GlamCorner Coupon (to 2nd Apr)
Save $10 storewide at GlamCorner Coupon (to 3rd Mar)
20% off designer cocktail dress hire at GlamCorner Coupon (to 14th Feb)
20% off designer dresses at GlamCorner Coupon (to 22nd Nov)
$20 off all sale items at Coupon (to 20th Jun)
5% OFF Designer Dress Rental | GlamCorner Coupon (to 22nd Apr)


22nd Apr: The urge to protect our precious mother earth is embedded into our very soul.💖⁠ This coming together of…
9th Apr: The GlamCorner team are very excited to announce the launch of our groundbreaking rental partnership with …
8th Apr: Sister to Sister, powered by GlamCorner brings you a new way to share the love for @spell_byronbay and support the…
4th Dec: In case you missed it - our amazing Fashion Rental Partnership with @DavidJonesStore was featured on @Sunrise this…
16th Oct: Today we are launching our rental services partnership with @DavidJonesStore. This marks an important milestone for…
21st Aug: Celebrate you every wear✨This week at GlamCorner HQ, we’re so honoured to be part of @DonnyGalella’s ‘100 makeovers…
30th Jul: We’re rounding out #bcorpmonth with some words from our wonderful customers 💚 @bcorpanz #glamcornerau…
8th Jul: Enjoy the feel of something NEW whilst knowing you’re not breaking the bank & you’re being sustainable with your ch…
4th Jun: Founder and CEO of EQ Minds, Chelsea Pottenger, an International Motivational Speaker & works with Fortune 500 comp…
18th May: Our in-house seamstress Kandy has been working tirelessly sewing face masks to help raise funds for Dress For Succe…
15th May: We are teaming up with Edible Blooms to help brighten that special someone’s day with a Belgian Chocolate Bouquet &…
9th Apr: To those working tirelessly around the clock, our gratitude for you is endless 💖 These beautiful cupcakes are crea…
26th Feb: Join the #EMPOWERHOUR movement ❤️ | @dressforsuccess, @airtreevc, @fairvinesuper,…
22nd Jan: Thanks @airtreevc for this post on B-Corps “Being a B-Corp enables you to have your values…
8th Jan: Right now, @RedCrossAU is supporting thousands of people in evacuation and recovery centres across the country. Tog…
9th Dec: Watch us on @morningshowon7 with celebrity stylist @DonnyGalella sharing red carpet fashion tricks to look instantl…
29th Nov: Throwback to our 7th birthday celebration! We’re thankful to have such a great and family bound team who has helped…
17th Oct: Thanks @commissionfacto for the Spring Style Mixer 2019 event! Joined alongside with Slyletica & Shopmonde, our Co-…
17th Oct: Did you know that one child dies every five minutes from violence? That’s one too many. #PolishedMan strives to end…
20th Sep: "Can profit and purpose mix successfully?" Tune into @RadioNational Podcast Episode "To Be or Not to B Corp" now!
20th Sep: This is #notbusinessasusual! It was incredibly moving to see so many kids, students and adults walking together for…
13th Sep: We are a #bcorp which means we’re part of a movement that is using business as a force for good. So we’re proud to…
5th Sep: Wednesday Team Lunch! A Team That Eats Together, Stays Together 🙌
16th Jul: This July, we take a deeper look at what B Corp Certification really means to GlamCorner and how you can actively t…
3rd Jul: It’s #BCorpMonth! At GlamCorner, we strive to give our customers the reassurance that when you rent with us, you kn…
16th May: If you’ve missed the early week of #MBFWA, here’s a recap video of the highlights so far! What was your favourite d…
10th May: HURRY! Enter the competition now for a chance to win a VIP experience at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weekend Australia fo…
8th May: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is just around the corner and we are proud to announce that GlamCorner is the Official S…
6th May: As Official Sustainable Fashion Partner for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, GlamCorner invites you to win a V…
27th Mar: With GC Premium, we’re helping our customers breathe new life into their everyday wardrobe - and all without the bu…
22nd Mar: The average Australian woman only uses about a third of what’s actually in her wardrobe, leaving the rest to be thr…
20th Mar: Ready to have your week made? Check out our NEW style via our website 🔥😍❤️ Featuring Zimmermann, Keepsake The Label…
8th Mar: Part 5: In this last episode of our International Women’s Day Series, we asked our customers ‘what empowers you as…
6th Mar: Part 3: Advice to Your Younger Self | In this video, our customers share one piece of advice they would give to the…
5th Mar: Part 2: In this video, we showcase our customers’ outlook on family and their evolving roles in motherhood.…
4th Mar: This International Women’s Day, at GC we are reminded of those who inspire us most: our customers! So we took a mom…
27th Feb: 🏆 Congratulations to @ladygaga on never giving up on her dreams! She has been one of the most inspirational, passio…
26th Feb: The Oscar’s 2019 Red Carpet Fashion Trends: Here we’ve gathered our favourite red carpet looks and how you can emul…
22nd Feb: Street Interview: Are we buying too many clothes? We went to the busy streets of Sydney CBD to hear about fashion c…
20th Feb: Your legacy will live on forever🌹@KarlLagerfeld #karllagerfeld #legend
19th Feb: In good company 👭, our team had an amazing time at the races last Saturday at Royal Randwick! Here’s a quick snippe…
14th Feb: We’re back at that time of the year again where influential fashion designers gather to showcase their collections…
8th Feb: Here we interviewed our stylists about what they love about their job and gave us some of their fashion advice and…
6th Feb: Check out what designers are saying about GlamCorner 😇💃♻️
21st Jan: Loving @jocasamento1 look for @Studio10au! Rent now:
9th Nov: A chat with @Sydney_Uni and our Co-Founders Dean Jones & Audrey Khaing-Jones on where they see the local fashion in…
9th Aug: No more pressure to repeat outfits - refresh your wardrobe with every occasion and Reinvent the way you shop!
4th Feb: #happycustomer: "GREAT DRESS FOR A WEDDING - I rented this dress as a back up for a wedding and was so glad I did. T
2nd Feb: #happycustomer: "FUN! - I rented this dress last weekend for an engagement never had so much compliments in my life
31st Jan: #happycustomer: "Great dress - Great dress for a black tie wedding. Lots of comments" -
29th Jan: #happycustomer: "Beautiful dress - I rented this for a day time hens party. I didn’t end up wearing it as I felt it
27th Jan: #happycustomer: "Compliments all night - I rented this dress last month and it fit like a glove. True to size and re
25th Jan: #happycustomer: "So many compliments - I rented this dress for a wedding in the Yarra Valley and it was perfect. Fri
24th Jan:
23rd Jan: #happycustomer: "Stand out from the crowd - I wore this dress to a wedding and it was perfect. Multiple people comme
19th Jan: #happycustomer: "Stunning Dress - I hired this dress for a family wedding and am so glad I did, it was a perfect fit
17th Jan: #happycustomer: "Clutch for wedding - Such a good clutch loved it even got a couple compliments." -
15th Jan: #happycustomer: "Perfect style for the races - I rented this dress for the races it is an amazing dress, very stylis
13th Jan: #happycustomer: "Playful & super fun dress for my birthday! - Rented this for my birthday lunch and drinks, great ch
11th Jan: #happycustomer: "Glittery dress for a glitzy event - I received so many compliments while wearing this beautiful gow
9th Jan: #happycustomer: "New Years Eve party dress! - I rented this dress for an New Years Eve and honestly felt like a mill
7th Jan: #happycustomer: "Great effortless bridal look - I choose this gorgeous dress to wear to my Wedding and I felt like a
3rd Jan: #happycustomer: "Great dress, really comfortable to wear - I love this service. Turns up on time, every time. Ready
1st Jan: #happycustomer: "Classy & fun dress for work Christmas party - Absolutely loved the dress! I got so many compliments
30th Dec: #happycustomer: "Fun and flirty - I rented this for a work Xmas party and so happy I did. The fit was amazing and I
28th Dec: #happycustomer: "Christmas Party dress - I hired this dress for my Christmas Party and loved it! I love Pasduchas dr
26th Dec: #happycustomer: "Beautiful dress - I rented this start of December for a Christmas part. So many compliments. Such a
24th Dec: #happycustomer: "Cute Little Mini! - I rented this gorgeous For Lovo and Lemons for my Work Christmas Party. The par
22nd Dec: #happycustomer: "Beautiful dress - Absolutely stunning dress, it was perfect for the graduation event. My first Glam
20th Dec: #happycustomer: "Dress for my graduation ceremony - I wanted a simple dress to go under my robe during my graduation
18th Dec: #happycustomer: "Lovely dress - I rented this for my work Christmas party and it was perfect as it was fitted but no
18th Dec: A French Approach To Beauty Packing via @intothegloss
16th Dec: #happycustomer: "Race Day - I wore this dress to my race day Christmas party. Got so many compliments. Ordered 2 siz
15th Dec: Whether you want to rekindle an old romance or get the attention of someone special, we’ve consulted our panel of b…
14th Dec: #happycustomer: "Amazing Little Black Dress - I rented this for my friends hens night and loved it! Got lots of comp
14th Dec: Too cute to handle! 💕 New Arrivals ready for Summer!
13th Dec: Happy Hump Day!
13th Dec: Carmen Dugan head designer of @keepsakelabel sits down for a chat with us about the start of her career as a design…
12th Dec: #happycustomer: "Glamorous dress! - I rented this recently to wear to a wedding at Qvb Tea Room. It was a black tie
12th Dec: Hello 2018, see ya 2017! ✨
10th Dec: #happycustomer: "Absolutely stunning formal dress - We received this dress one day early and it was more beautiful t
8th Dec: #happycustomer: "Work Christmas Dinner - Loved this dress since the first time I saw it and it was finally available
6th Dec: #happycustomer: "Wedding event -perfect - This dress was perfect the wedding event that I went to morning and evenin
5th Dec: It’s time to let little loose and reward yourself with some pre party etiquette tips to help conquer your upcoming…
4th Dec: #happycustomer: "Perfect dress for a black tie event! - I rented this gorgeous dress for a black tie event in Sydney
2nd Dec: #happycustomer: "Received nice compliments - I recently wore this dress at a wedding and it was a perfect fit and ve
30th Nov: #happycustomer: "Cute little dress suitable for various occasions - I rented this dress since I had two different oc
29th Nov: Summer is almost here and playsuits are the perfect choice for this season! Be inspired by the 10 most perfect play…
28th Nov: #happycustomer: "Beautiful dress for a ball - I rented this dress earlier this month to attend the starry starry nig
28th Nov: Our annual Clearance Sale is live! 🙌 Buy pre-loved dresses from designer labels including Zimmermann, Alice McCall…
26th Nov: #happycustomer: "Perfect dress for my uni ball! - I rented this for my uni ball and I loved it so much! Super flatte
24th Nov: #happycustomer: "Perfect formal dress - Wore this dress to a formal wedding recently. It was super comfortable and I
24th Nov: ENDS TONIGHT! 20% Off Black Friday Sale! ⌛ Hurry! Our best styles are booking up fast! Shop now! #BlackFriday
22nd Nov: #happycustomer: "Beautiful dress for Wedding - Incredible service, dress arrived early and was so neatly packaged. W
20th Nov: #happycustomer: "Fun dress for my birthday celebration - Sunday family and friends joined me at a local winery, excu
16th Nov: #happycustomer: "Perfect classy chic dress - Amazing fabric and cut, so many people stopped to compliment it" -


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